Our Beliefs

Learn about what we believe at Solid Rock about Jesus, the Bible, and the Church.

Our Beliefs


The Bible is inspired by God as His design and plan for humanity!

One True god

There is only one true God -- revealed in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

God Created

God created humanity as good but humanity willingly disobeyed God and sinned, thus introducing evil and death (both physically and spiritually) into this world!

Every Person

Every person can have a restored relationship with God through salvation, that is accepting Jesus Christ's offer of forgiveness for sin!

Supernaturally EmpowerED

God supernaturally empowers every believer with the Holy Spirit who gives us gifts and abilities to be a witness for Jesus in this world!

A Miracle Working God

God is still a miracle working God who wants to meet the needs of His people!

Jesus Will Return

Jesus Christ will return to earth to fulfill the promises of His Word and to take His rightful place as the Lord of Heaven and Earth!

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